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Author: Tony Czifra, 31/12/19

Details of Licenses approved for Players : OVERAGE - LADIES UNDERAGE - SECOND CLAIMS


Initials only where Publicity Form approvals have not been checked. Once confirmed names can be published, these initials will be added to as needed and approved.

Name Club Age  Gender OA Age Group NC Comm Approved Comments
CR (GK) Grimsby 11 M U11 Y  
RD (GK) Grimsby 11 M U11 Y  
KP Mbro 12 F U11 Y  
RK Mbro 15 F U15 Y  
GC Mbro 16 F U15 Y  
SH-T Mbro 12 M U13 Y  
MG Mbro 11 M U11 Y  
CG (GK) Spectrum 15 M U15 Y  
BM (GK) Spectrum 15 M U15 Y  
JW SVF 12 M U13 Y  
SF Grimsby 14 M U15 Y  
JM (GK) SVF 16 M U17 Y  
PM SVF 17 F U15 Y for U15 only  
FM SVF 14 M U13 / U15 Y for U13 & U15  
JN Grimsby 12 M U11 Y  
FW Sheffield   M U13 Y  
TS Sheffield   M U11 Y  
AS Sheffield   F U15 Y but look at  
EK (GK) SVF   F U13    
JP SVF   M U15 Y but look at  
SL Manchester   M U13    
CC Sheffield   M U13 Y  
Name Home Club Age  Gender 2nd Claim Club NC Comm Approved Comments
LB Spectrum   to Grimsby Y AK confirmed paid
BM (GK) Middlesbrough   to  Spectrum Y (U15 only) AK confirmed paid
DB Manchester   to Grimsby Y (Cancelled)
CG Spectrum   to Manchester Y AK confirmed paid
MC Peterborough   to SVF Y AK confirmed paid
JC Manchester   to Plymouth Y (U13 GK) Fee Paid?
ST Manchester   to Plymouth Y (U15 & U17 GK) Fee Paid?
Name Club Age  Gender Age Group NC Comm Approved Comments
JW Plymouth 13 F   Y  
PG Manchester 11 F   Y  
EG Sheffield   F   Y  
MF Sheffield   F   Y  
GT Sheffield   F   Y  
BM Manchester   F   Y  
LM Manchester   F   Y  
TS Manchester   F   Y  
JE  Middlesbrough 12 F   Y  
MH Middlesbrough 11 F   Y  
EM SVF 12 F   Y  
JS  Grimsby 13 F   Y  
HG Grimsby 13 F   Y  
IsB Grimsby 13 F   Y  


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