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News Report


Author: Tony Czifra, 30/06/19


All the news for 2018/19 season.....

PAGE UPDATED 30/06/19:

NCRHA AGM: This takes place in Halifax on Thursday 4th July! Details have been sent to all Club Secretaries. 

CUP Finalists 2019

END OF THE SEASON!: Well that's another great season over! Here is a run down of this season's winners!


U11: Manchester

U13: Middlesbrough Hornets

U15: Middlesbrough

U17: Middlesbrough

Elites: Grimsby


U11: Manchester

U13: Spectrum Spartans

U15: Middlesbrough

U17: Middlesbrough

U20: Grimsby Redhawks

VETERANS: Sheffield Wildcats

LADIES: Middlesbrough

ELITES: Grimsby Redhawks

Well done all teams! 


NCRHA U15's LEAGUE@SHEFFIELD: The last tournament for this age group was completed today. Congratulations to Middlesbrough winning the league for 2019!


NCRHA ELITES: Penultimate tournament @ Spectrum completed. Results posted here on the site.


NCRHA U13's LEAGUE@MANCHESTER: PLEASE NOTE, Matches for the U13's tournament at Manchester on Sunday 19th May have REVISED start times to bring the tournament duration in line with previous tournaments. The tournament start time is the same : 9:00am. Further matches are EARLIER than the previously published times. Schedules here on the site have been revised. All Clubs have been advised of the changes.


NCRHA U15's: The penultimate tournament, today at Spectrum was completed, seeing Middlesbrough extend their lead at the top with 3 wins from 3. Well played to all!


NCRHA CUPS 2019: All Qualifying matches completed. Congratulations to the teams who have made it through to the finals at Middlesbrough on 23rd June (Senior Finalists to be contested on 8/5/19 : Mbro or Grimsby to meet Manchester in the Final).


NCRHA U15's 04/05/19@SPEN VALLEY: Completed, Results and player stats updated


NCRHA U13's 28/04/19@MIDDLESBRO: Completed, Results and player stats updated


NCRHA U15's 10/3/19@MIDDLESBRO: Completed. Results and player stats updated. 

ELITES 3/3/19@GRIMSBY: Completed. Results are here on the site. Player Stats will be updated as soon as possible.

NCRHA Cups have been drawn and details sent to all Clubs.


NCRHA CUP DRAWS: These will be held at the Concorde Sports Centre on 24th February (U13's tournament). Dependant on WIFI, this will be streamed live on facebook. The Draw will be posted here after 24/2.

Age Groups which will be contested on Sunday 23rd June at Mbro MSV:

U11        U13        U15       U17       U20       VETS         LADIES      SENIORS

U9's : NCRHA will also be co-ordinating an U9's event on the day for all eligible players from all NCRHA Clubs.


U17's on 9th June will now be held on 16th June

U15's on 14th April will now be held on 4th May.

U15's on 8th June will now be held on 1st June.

Fixtures here on the site have been amended.


NCRHA U15's : Plymouth maintain their lead at the top of the table with 3 wins from 3 on Sunday 10th Feb. All player stats and results uploaded here.    

***PLEASE NOTE! Only players whose Clubs/Parents have confirmed publicity approval have full names detailed in stats. Otherwise initials only***


NCRHA U17's : Tournament on 26/1 at Mbro Sports Village completed. Results and Player Stats uploaded here.

NCRHA U13's : Tournament on 26/1 at Spen Valley completed. Results and Player Stats uploaded here.

NCRHA ELITES's : Tournament on 27/1 at Mbro Sports Village completed. Results and Player Stats uploaded here.


NCRHA U15's : Tournament 2 of the U15's league complete at Grimsby today. Results here. Player stats will be uploaded in the next 48hrs (names only for players whose Clubs have completed the Publicity authorisation form.


NCRHA U11: CONGRATULATIONS to Manchester RHC U11's winning the League yesterday at Sheffield! Rodrigo Rodrigues was top scorer in the league and Manchester went the full season with a 100% win ratio!       * * * * * * U9's   /   U11's  /  U14 1st season Novices!!! Hockey doesn't finish there! Hockey every month all around the region! 3hrs of training, fun and mixed teams matches! £10 for home team players, £5 for visiting away team players! 


NCRHA U13: The 3rd tournament took place at Grimsby yesterday  - many thanks to our fantastic Redhawk hosts! All Results & Player Stats are detailed here. Congratulations to Middlesbrough Hornets who top the league with 9 wins from 9. 

NCRHA REGIONAL UPDATES: Sessions are now in place for Regional Training. These have been sent to all Clubs, and to all email addresses for players based in NCRHA. Unless in extreme exceptional circumstances (and agreed by the NC Committee), players need to attend 3 out of the 4 sessions booked in prior to 6th April. Sadly, NRHA have advised an U9's competition will not take place. 


NCRHA U13: PLEASE NOTE : START TIME for the Grimsby home tournament on 25/11/18 has been amended. This starts at NOON, not as previously advised as 09:00.

NCRHA/NRHA CALENDAR: Upload updated & available here (version 7) in the 'downloads' section. Also sent to all Clubs.


NCRHA U15: First tournament at Manchester completed. All Player Stats (where publicity authorisations rec'd) have been uploaded.


NCRHA/NRHA FULL CALENDAR 2018/19 : This is now available here to download and is correct as OF 25/10/18. You can also go straight to it by clicking on THIS LINK

SECOND CLAIMS : Has been updated. Initials only, but full details will be given to Head Referees and Timekeepers at tournaments.

OVERAGE LICENSES: Has been updated. Info sharing for tournaments as above.


PLAYER STATS: Have now been fully uploaded here on the site. PLEASE NOTE: Only Player Initials are displayed where a Publicity Authorisation Form has not been received from the Club. To have your name visible here on the site, please contact your Club Secretary. 


NCRHA ELITE LEAGUE: Sheffield Wildcats have now confirmed the date for their home tournament on 18th May 2019. Fixtures have been amended here on the site and Clubs advised.

REGIONAL TRYOUTS & TRAINING: Dates and venues shortly to be announced! 

Novices / U9's / U11's : Will train in one group.   U13's / U15's together.   U17's / U20's & Ladies together.

Details to follow. All Clubs will be offered the opportunity to host these selection/training dates.


NCRHA U13s LEAGUE : Updated from the tournament at Middlesbrough today. Well played Middlesbrough Hornets who won 3 from 3 to stay to of the league at this early stage. League Table, Results & Scorers updated here on the site.


U17's LEAGUE DATE CONFIRMED : Please note, The date for the U17's tournament at Middlesbrough Sports Village HAS CHANGED. It is no longer 28th April. It has moved to Saturday 26th April. All Clubs are being advised.


U11's League : Updated for tournament on 7th Oct. Well done Manchester who continue to dominate winning all their games.




U13's @ Spectrum has been moved from Sunday 24th March to Sunday 17th March.

U13's @ Mbro has been moved from Sunday 31st March to Sunday 28th April.

Details of these changes are currently shared with Clubs. Fixtures here on the site have been amended.

U17's @ Mbro will now NOT be at Mbro on Sunday 28th April - a new date is being finalised.

U17's LEAGUE : 1st tournament completed. Results posted here on the site. Well done to Middlesbrough who currently site top with 3 wins from 3. Player Stats will be posted as soon as possible.


PLAYER STATS FOR U11 & U13 : These have now been updated. PLEASE NOTE that if the Club Privacy form has nt been returned, players will only have their Initials showing to ensure we comply with Child Protection & GDPR Legislation.


U11's LEAGUE : TOURNAMENT ONE : A great day for NCRHA Roller Hockey yesterday with lots of youngsters, some as young as 5 years old playing for their respective team. Manchester took an early dominance with 3 wins from 3. Well done Mancs!

PLAYER STATS : Are proving difficult to upload but will be on soon. PLEASE REMEMBER!!! To have your name, or child's name displayed here on the site, you MUST have signed your Club's Privacy Form and have it returned to the NCRHA Committee. Results and League Table are updated here on the site.


U15's LEAGUE : Please note, the fixtures for U15's are being revamped so that all teams play 3 matches at tournaments not 2. Dates of fixtures will remain the same, but playing order and start times may change.

U11's LEAGUE : Starts tomorrow at Manchester! Good Luck to all the teams! Results and Scorers Player Stats (For players whose parents have completed the privacy authorisation forms) will be here tomorrow evening!

OVERAGE LICENSES : Have been updated. Please note, full names will be shared with Refs/Timekeepers at tournaments to evidence OA status, but only initials will be displayed on the site if the privacy/publicity forms have not been signed and returned to NCRHA.


U13's LEAGUE : First Tournament Completed! Well done to all who took part. Middlesbrough Hornets (previously named Middlesbrough A) lead after the 1st of 8 tournaments. Please note all Middlesbrough Bees games (Previously Middlesbrough B) are 10 nil losses to the Bees, unless the opposing team score more than 10. IE, if Manchester win 11-3 then the scoreline would be recorded on the match sheet as 11-0 not 10-0.

FIXTURES ALMOST FINALISED: Many thanks to Sam Tasker for supplying all start times for Grimsby Home tournaments. These have been uploaded here to the site so match times are correct. DB of Sheffield confirmed to the Executive Committee last night that Wildcats are finalising the date & start time of their Elites home tournament (the final event to have confirmed - currently showing for database purposes as 31st December 2019).

OVERAGE LICENSES: Have been updated. Please see the Newspage for 'Overage Licenses for 2018/19' for details.


ALL LEAGUE FIXTURES NOW ON THE SITE: Please note - some fixtures DO NOT have correct start times. This is detailed by the note at the bottom of the 1st match of the day. NCRHA are awaiting start time confirmation from these tournament hosts. 1 fixture (Sheffield @ Home for Elites) is detailed on the site, but DOES NOT have correct date or start time. Many Thanks to Ste Robinson of Spectrum confirming their home fixtures start time for 10am for all tournaments. This has been actioned here on the site.

Remaining Clubs to confirm Start Times:

Grimsby U17s on 30th June

Grimsby : U15s on 13th January

Grimsby : Elites on 3rd March

Sheffield : Elites (Date & Start Time needed)

U11 / U13 & U15 LEAGUES : Have been uploaded here on the site. SOME Tournaments do not have correct Start Times. These will be amended once remaining Clubs provide correct start times.

U17 & ELITE LEAGUES : Fixtures will be uploaded on Wed 5th Sept.


U13s ON 9TH SEPT  & U11s ON 16TH SEPT: Fixtures for these tournaments have been added here on the website. MAKE SURE you click on '2018/19' season to ee the correct fixtures. Fixtures for all other age groups/tournaments are still to be finalised.


FIXTURES 2018/19 : First tournaments confirmed! U13's play at Manchester on 9th Sept. Start time is 9am but full match start times NOT detailed here on the site until confirmed by Comps Sec.  U11's play at Manchester on 16th Sept. Matches to be finalised & uploaded to the site.

U15 / U17 / Elites being confirmed.


FIXTURES FOR 2018/19: Details have been passed to all Clubs by Comps Sec Paul Colton. Clubs have until this weekend to request changes to dates sent out. After this weekend, fixtures will be built here and sent to all Clubs to prepare for the coming season.

PRIVACY FORM: All Clubs have received a form to be completed by all at Clubs for written authorisation for names/images to be used by NCRHA here on the site, facebook etc for the promotion of our sport. These forms need to be completed and returned to NCRHA Committee members before any fixtures are played. Players who have not signed authorisation (or their parent/guardian if under 18) will not have their names detailed on player stats etc - this is so we comply with privacy laws brought in. 


NCRHA COMMITEE: Elected at the NCRHA AGM in July : 

President : Rob Goddard (Grimsby)

Treasurer: Andrew Kneeshaw (Middlesbrough)

General Secretary: Vacant (Andrew Kneeshaw-Interim)  

Competitions Secretary: Paul Colton (Manchester)

Child Protection Officer/DBS: Dawn Owen-Harris (Manchester)

Referees Executive: Jason Oldroyd (Halifax)

Development Executive: Tony Czifra (Middlesbrough)

Contact details are on the 'Committee' tab on the menu above.

OVERAGE LICENSE REQUESTS 2018/19: This form has been sent to all Club Secretaries & is available in the 'Downloads' tab above, under 'Reference Documents'.

SECOND CLAIM REQUESTS 2018/19: This form has been sent to all Club Secretaries & is available in the 'Downloads' tab above, under 'Reference Documents'.

NCRHA AGM MINUTES 2018: This is available in the 'Downloads' tab above, under 'Reference Documents'.

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